How to increase PageRank of my blog?

BackLinks Genius support only blogs with Google PageRank 1 or higher. This is necessary for whole content network of BackLinks Genius because we had many many requests from advertisers about it and complains about low quality links from low quality (0 PageRank) domains. We were thus forced to set-up minimum quality limit for blog domains. But we hope that it will not be a problem for you, because PageRank 0 restriction is an ordinary value in services like BackLinks Genius. So if you have quality blog, that have a few readers, at least a small community and exists a few months, you should have Google PageRank 1 or higher as a standard.

If your blog is new on the internet, or you moved it from another domain name to a new one, please wait a few months. Google have to index your new blog and he will give you PageRank value. Thanks for understanding.

How often is Google PageRank recalculated?

Google is making recalculation of it´s PageRank around 1x per 3 months. The term is different every time, but this is an average for last years. We are doing recalculation on our side once per week, so you can be sure, that when Google gives you a higher PageRank, we will notice it till one week:-) And when you will see, that your PageRank is 1 or higher, you can add your blog to BackLinks Genius again and connect it through provided plugin.

How can I increase my Google PageRank?

It´s a simple, because PageRank is only about number and quality of backlinks. So if you want to increase it as soon as possible, just buy some quality links. And because you have account in BackLinks Genius, you can use our online service for that. Just login, add your campaign, choose that you want backlinks from PageRank 3 or more blogs and you can be sure, that in 3-4 months your PageRank will move up. If you prefer to get a permanent links, you can use our second project Posts Genius. And when you will have PageRank 1 or higher, just add your blog again and it will be approved automatically. It´s really easy.

If you think that all this is necessary only for BackLinks Genius, it´s not a true. Google PageRank is using in many many internet services and advertising systems as a basic parameter for determining domain quality. So when you will have it, you can sign-up in many similar services, you will have higher traffic from search engine and also your community will grow up, because it´s something like a trust seal. If you do not believe us, just try it and you will see on your eyes in 3-4 months!

Can you do an exception for me?

No, we are sorry. BackLinks Genius is a symbol of quality, symbol of success, and we must work as we present ourself. We need that because our goal is to bring quick technical support, fully functional solution without downtime, well-paying advertisers and large crowds of them.

What happens to the money I earned? I lose them?

Of course not, your money are safe in your user account. We appreciate your cooperation with us and we believe that you will add your blog again when it will have PageRank 1 or higher. If you have a low amount of money (that is under payout minimum), do not worry about that, just wait a few months, add a blog again and you can continue with using our service after your blog will have PageRank 1 or higher. Also you can earn more money by more blogs, so add them all:-)

Do you plan to increase PageRank restriction in a future?

Nope. PageRank 1 is a good starting point and our advertisers know that.

How do I check what is my Google PageRank value?

You can try one of these free online services, or or We recommend to try two services at once, because sometimes they can return different results.

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