Make money with your blog. It´s so easy!

As a blogger, content creator, and provider, you have an interesting opportunity to earn money. Advertisers´ demand for placing links is big and your blog could interest advertisers who have the same topics as theirs. Use this opportunity to earn money by blogging. We won´t restrict you in any way, and for your readers, adverts won´t be interfering elements as they can be seen only with older articles, depending on your settings.

  1. Give value to your existing texts and articles; convert them to money!
  2. Earn money the fun way. Write blog posts, articles, recommendations, or reviews!
  3. Let your blogs and web portals generate money 24/7, while you relax!

Why use BackLinks Genius to earn money from advertising?

With BackLinks Genius, you can earn money from advertising due to these features:

1We can you thousands of your existing articles

Fully Automated Solution

We can use your existing texts, and you don´t have to write any new articles. You don´t have to approve anything. You don´t have to lose your valuable time. Simply register, link your blog with our system, and we will do the rest.

2Backlinks are inside of articles

The Advertising Is Actually Not Even Visible

We insert no banners, no adverts, and nothing that would discourage your visitors. We only change existing words (keywords) to active Internet addresses (URL). Nothing more. Nothing less.

3Supported blogging platforms

Blog Connection Is Very Easy

Installation of our connection plug-in doesn´t take more than 3 minutes. We support these blogging systems: WordPress. If you are using anything else, you can try our sister project PostsGenius.

4We have many advertisers

Wide Community Of Advertisers

Thanks to BackLinks Genius you will have access to a wide community of advertisers, who can´t wait to have their adverts in your blog. The need for backlinks is big. Your earnings will grow permanently!

5Professional support team

Good Quality Technical Support

Our top technical support personnel respond within 24 hours, 365 days a year. With us, you can be sure that we will deal with your problems and be happy to advise and help as much as possible!

How does it work in practice? Step-by-step instructions

  1. Create a user account on-line and for free. Your registrations won´t take more than a minute.
  2. Log in to Administration area of BackLinks Genius using your login details.
  3. You will see your added blog, provided it´s accepted by our system (max. 24 hours from registration). You can also add more blogs.
  4. Select your blogging system and continue linking your blog with BackLinks Genius by following the instructions.
  5. As soon as your blog is successfully linked, we gradually load all articles. You can view the progress in the detail of your blog.
  6. To increase your earning opportunities you will be offered to write articles on wanted topics.
  7. When you earn money that you wish to pay out, just send a payout request , which will be processed within a few days.

Which blogging, editorial, and publishing systems do you support? List of systems

  • - the most used blogging system worldwide
  • If you are using anything else, try our sister project PostsGenius.

How and when do you send me my money? List of payout options

As you earn money with your blog, we pay you through:

You can request a payout when you reach $50. You can, of course, set a higher limit.
Payouts are send every month with average one month waiting period (because of safety from frauds).

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